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Puidukoda is Estonian planing mill, founded in 1997 and situated in South-Estonia. Our main business activity is the production and sales of Nordic softwood (Nordic Spruce, Nordic Pine and Siberian Larch). The WOODMOOD brand represents our painted and finished products. WOODMOOD passionately believes in creating a better living environment. Our philosophy is that wood creates a prestigious and natural environment, both in the interior and exterior living spaces. We believe that wood helps create a cosy atmosphere and to achieve this we can personalise each project to create the best ambience. In order give our clients what they want, be at the forefront where setting trends is concerned and bring every environment and person together with the most beautiful and suitable timber design, we have 120 experienced, competent and enthusiastic people working with us every day. We have been driven by product development based on expertise and curiosity, the courage to experiment with new technologies and treatments. We want to be able to provide the customer with both traditional and innovative wood, while preserving the dignity and character of the wood. We export 80% of production to 35 countries worldwide and our Sales in 2018 exceeded 33 million Euros.

Find out more on the website: http://www.puidukoda.eu/en