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One of our Gold sponsor is three forestry companies together(Nordwood, Raitwood and AS Lemeks) 

Nordwoodis a single trademark for three sawmills under which we market the production of AS Viiratsi Saeveski, AS Viru-Nigula Saeveski and AS Aegviidu Puit. They produce the sawn timber from local nordic pine (Picea abies) and spruce logs. Sawn timber is used locally but mainly exporting it to many different countries around the world. Sawn timber is mainly used for construction works but also for raw material on furniture, packaging and wood industry. Approximately 250 000 m3 of the sawn timber is produced under the trademark of NORDWOOD.

Raitwood delivers finishing materials and construction timber produced from Nordic softwood who manufacture profiled boards for the finishing of different surfaces in the living space around us such as floors, ceilings, interior and exterior walls, terraces. We also produce fences and various garden items.

AS Lemeks is a company based on Estonian capital, founded in 1993 with the goal of creating a modern forest harvesting enterprise with systematic coverage of Estonia to be used as the basis for developing a timber industry that adds value to domestic timber.

Take a look on the websites:

Nordwood –

Raitwood –

AS Lemeks –